Actual day wedding videography style in Singapore

December 29, 2016

Selecting your wedding vendors can be a job in itself and finding the right videographers is no exception. Wedding videographers, just like the photographers, take different approaches and style to their craft. As you carefully screen the numerous websites of different wedding videography companies, you’ll notice the terms “Cinematic” and “Documentary” which refers to styles of videography, but what do these terms actually mean?

There are 2 distinctively different styles of wedding videography in Singapore: Cinematic & Documentary. Below we will go through the differences between the two for your understanding.

Cinematic Style

A “Cinematic Style” wedding video is filmed and edited into a movie-like feel with emphasis to the highlight of the day. It uses strong visual elements that are meant to engage the viewer emotionally. This style aims to increase the emotional impact through use of slow motion and transition effects, saturated colors, creative camera angles and dramatic music. This is achieved through the use of camera movement, lighting, lens choice, and editing techniques. Cinematic wedding films are usually shorter in length and priced a bit higher than documentary wedding film. Cinematic wedding films require more pre-wedding planning on the videographer’s part. There’s usually more gear assoicated with cinematic wedding film. Things like sliders, monopods, glide cams, and even drones. Lastly, cinematic wedding films can usually require a lot more editing efforts. Rather than relying on the chronology of the day’s events, the videographer/ editor will need to source through hundreds of clips with various camera angles in order to create a dynamic, intriguing story. A cinematic filmed wedding can cost you a lot more and tend to be the most manpower consuming of techniques due to the multiple cameras and videographers, lights, and equipments used. Creating a cinematic video successfully also requires advanced knowledge in editing software. Example of a cinematic style video.

Documentary Style

A “Documentary Style” wedding video is considered an old style of filming weddings – an honest record of true-to-life events. It captures the events of the day from start to finish as they happened in the order in which they happened. There is very little edited out of a documentary wedding film, with little to no dramatic camera angles, music added or special effects used. This kind of video is becoming less popular and few videography companies offer this service anymore.

If you want a cinematic style approach but could not stand to miss a moment of the day’s event, you can request for raw videos from the videographer. However, do expect to pay extra for them.


At Trio Films, we provide cinematic style videography.  We focus on telling the story of your wedding day in a way that is dramatic, artistic and fun to watch without sacrificing any of the important moments of your day.

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