13 Factors that affect Corporate Video production costs in Singapore:

  1. Corporate Video Production Company– Experience and expertise is important – you do get what you pay for. You are paying for the experience and expertise of the key personnel responsible for your video – the videography company & the videographer.
  2. Script & Storyboard– Does the company in charge of your video have the experience or guidance to create a video that will help move your business forward? It is important to have a experienced script writer or videographer to develop a concise script & storyboard that helps your video move forward. This step is especially crucial for Corporate video production.
  3. Editing-The editing process of corporate video production is highly complicated & tedious. A good editor is able to bring out the feel & content of a video in a customised way. Editing can cost as much as hundreds dollar per hour – it all depends on the complexity of the editing requirements.
  4. Actors– In Singapore, depending on the quality of the actor your company requires, actor can be professional/ novice and the price will reflect accordingly.
  5. Camera & Equipment -The quality of the camera & equipment you shoot with can make a huge difference in the quality of the corporate video. Experienced video production companies tend to have a wide variety of camera & equipment for filming purposes (Lighting, audio, framing, lens).
  6. Crew– Depending on the complexity of the shoot you may require a crew of three or more. You will need a director, a videographer, a sound man & assistants. Commercial videos will often require more people to help with the logistics of the shoot.
  7. Locations and production time– Depending on the location and hours needed to film for your video, the price varies. In Singapore, private location is more expensive to shoot in than public areas. Some private location charge high rates while public areas require filming permit.
  8. Set props – Aside from video production equipment if you require special props it will be included in the cost.
  9. Narration, audio files & licensing fees– If you need a voice-over for your video, special sound effects or other audio to supplement your video – charges applies.
  10. Length of the Video– The longer the video the more it is likely to cost. Corporate Video tend to be around a couple of minutes although this varies considerably depending on the type and purpose of your video.
  11. Direct or Third party– If you are dealing with the corporate video company via a ageny or third party, it will cost more than going direct to the company.
  12. Captions and translation– If you need captions and translation, it can add 10% to 20% to the overall cost of the job.
  13. Miscellaneous fees– There will be ‘Miscellaneous fees for crews’: Travel costs, meals, mileage, hotels, transportation, contingency fees.

For professionally produced corporate video in Singapore you should consider for your budget to be between $2500 – $10,000.


  • The best way to get a quick estimate of the cost of your corporate video production is to have a reference video to compare to. You can always check with the corporate videography company of your choice on the pricing by showing them a similar video of what you are looking to have.
  • Share your budget with the corporate video company to ensure that they can meet your video requirements within your budget.